Data analytics infrastructure solution designed for perpetual decentralized exchanges

In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), trading activity on decentralized exchanges (DEX) offering perpetual derivative products has reached impressive figures. Currently, there are over 50 active perpetual DEX across various blockchains and Layer2 networks, hosting more than 2 million traders and facilitating a trading volume exceeding $330 billion. Given the immense scale and complexity of the perpetual DEX landscape in DeFi, the need for a comprehensive and efficient tool becomes paramount.

This necessity arises from the difficulty in accessing, analyzing, and effectively utilizing the extensive data available. Traders not only seek a reliable source for this data but also require a platform that allows them to review their trading history, assess profit performance, and benchmark their strategies against others. To address these intricate challenges and to offer a seamless solution that caters to these specific needs in the DeFi space.

Copin has been created!

What is is a platform designed for the mass adoption of the perpetual DEX narrative. It enables users to explore, analyze, and copy on-chain traders from the top of Perpetual DEXs including dYdx, GMX, Kwenta, etc.

Our focus is on leveraging on-chain data from perpetual DEXs to mitigate market fragmentation. We aim to utilize this data for diverse applications like copy trading, social trading platforms or advanced trader data analysis tools.

Our data framework is concentrating intensively on public blockchain data from DEXs, specifically perpetual DEXs, enhancing the on-chain perpetual landscape with transparency and reliability. Here's an explanation of Copin's operations:

Extract & Load

First, raw on-chain trading data from perpetual DEXs is extracted and loaded into a dedicated data warehouse.

Data Transformation

This raw data is then converted and cleansed, undergoing a transformation into formats that are easily understandable and accessible. The result is a dataset enriched with over 2 million trader profiles and billions of position trades from perpetual DEXs.

Creating Use Cases

Finally, this rich dataset serves as the foundation for Copin's API, which, in turn, enables the offering of a variety of valuable features to provide a multitude of use cases, ensuring that the features are both diverse and tailored to user needs. A best-in-class, multi-chain perpetual decentralized exchange data warehouse is managed, enabling you and your organization to concentrate on research, analysis, and product development, while alleviating the burden of resource-intensive data engineering.

Our mission

The mission of is to drive the widespread acceptance and understanding of the perpetual DEX narrative, positioning ourselves as a catalyst for the next bull run in the financial market. We believe that by illuminating the intricacies and potential of perp DEXs, we can lead a transformative shift in the decentralized finance landscape.

As a product driven by data philosophy, also allows developers and other projects to utilize cleaned data through APIs to build various products. There's no limit to the ideas that can be constructed on top of Copinio, such as:

  • Trader Explore & Profile: A platform allowing exploration and viewing of trader profiles, enabling users to compare and choose traders they wish to follow or emulate.

  • Visualization & Leaderboard: Providing data visualization tools and trader leaderboards to aid users in identifying and analyzing trading trends easily.

  • Backtesting & Copy-trading: Allowing users to test trading strategies through backtesting and apply them in real-time via copy-trading functionality.

  • Content Creators & Trading Competition: A platform supporting content creation for creators and organizing trading competitions to enhance interaction and competition within the community.

  • SocialFi & Decentralized Capital: Establishing a SocialFi community and enabling the creation of decentralized investment funds, fostering investment opportunities and networking among traders.

  • Trading Bot & Alert System: Offering automated trading capabilities through trading bots and alert systems to ensure investors don’t miss out on opportunities.

  • AI Integration & Chat UI: Integrating artificial intelligence for analysis, predictions, along with a chat interface for interaction between users and the system or among traders.


The objective of is not merely to democratize access to perp DEX data but also to empower a wide spectrum of users, ranging from individual traders to large-scale institutions. By providing them with critical insights and tools, aims to enable effective navigation and capitalization on emerging financial technologies. Through these efforts, aspires to be at the forefront of the next wave of innovation and growth within the DeFi sector.

More and more individuals and web3 projects can benefit and receive value from Copin's rich data. For example, users can access completely transparent data from the blockchain to make better decisions, and projects can create use cases from this on-chain data to create products, and useful tools like never before. is building such tools and platforms! In this document, you'll find everything you need to know about our features and data.

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