Trader Explorer

A comprehensive platform for analyzing and tracking on-chain trader performance in the Perpetual DEX ecosystem, featuring GMX, Kwenta, and Polynomial.

  1. Search Box

Search efficiently for traders and positions using Wallet Addresses, Smart Accounts, and Transaction Hashes.

  1. Time Filter Tabs

Enables users to select specific time frames for data filtering.

  1. Trader Explorer

Provides a comprehensive view of on-chain traders, customizable through various filters.

  1. Filter Addition

Offers filtering options based on parameters, including Default and Percentile settings.

Default Filter

Includes 26 powerful and diverse criteria for filter traders. Details of the Trader evaluation criteria can be seen in detail here.

  1. Filter Suggestion

Suggests quick-apply filters, such as "Top Tier 1" or "Reverse Copy," for users.

  1. Filter Counter

Exhibits the percentage and number of traders matching filter criteria within a specified timeframe.

  1. Custom Filter Criteria

Enables setting of personalized criteria for refined search results.

Percentile Filter

The Percentile Filter applies statistical percentiles to analyze the distribution of a specific data point (e.g., PNL, Winrate) within a defined timeframe. This provides valuable insights into a data point's relative position compared to the entire dataset.

  1. Filter Counter

Displays the count and percentage of traders matching specified filter conditions in a chosen timeframe.

  1. Custom Filter Criteria

Enables setting of personalized criteria for refined search results.


Favorite Trader feature on the platform allows users to curate a list of traders they want to track closely.

More than that, users have the capability to bookmark traders of interest with personalized notes, which is particularly useful for:

  • Performance Review at a Glance: It facilitates quick assessments of the traders' current PnL, alpha, and other essential metrics, eliminating the need for individual searches.

  • Strategic Comparison: Users can conveniently compare the strategies and performance of their preferred traders side-by-side through tools like Multi-backtest or Compare similar traders.

  • Creation of Custom Lists: This allows for the organization of favorite traders into groups based on specific criteria such as trading style, risk profile, or asset focus, aiding in focused analysis and exploration.

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