General Risk Warning and Acceptance of Copy Trading Service Usage

A. Interpretation of Risk Warning

All terms referred to in this notification, as defined in the Copin Terms of Service, hold identical meanings and interpretations as outlined in the Terms of Service.

B. Copin Services and Copy Trading

This notification aims to elucidate the inherent risks associated with utilizing Copin Services, particularly focusing on the feature of Copy Trading. Copy Trading encompasses functionalities that entail specific risks, including potential price loss and the probable occurrence of price slippage. By opting to engage in Copy Trading, you explicitly agree and acknowledge the following:

  1. Service Availability and Legal Restrictions:

    1. We cannot assure the constant availability of Copin Services at any specific time, nor can we guarantee immunity from unplanned service interruptions or network congestion. Consequently, there might be instances where purchasing, selling, storing, transferring, sending, or receiving Digital Assets may not be feasible at your preferred times. Various countries have legal prerequisites that might limit the range of products and services Copin can lawfully offer. Consequently, certain functionalities within the platform may be restricted or unavailable in specific jurisdictions or regions. Additionally, some Copin campaigns, user competitions, or promotional activities may not be accessible or intended for users who are subject to these restrictions. Users are accountable for familiarizing themselves with and adhering to any restrictions or requisites governing access to and usage of the platform and Copin Services in each jurisdiction from which they access the platform. Copin reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notification, to modify, amend, or impose additional restrictions regarding platform access and usage.

  2. Price Loss Risk: Copy Trading poses the inherent risk of potential loss of your invested capital. The profitability of trades is not assured, and consequential losses may transpire.

  3. Price Slippage Possibility: Within the cryptocurrency market context, price slippage might manifest during replicated trades, leading to executions at divergent prices than initially anticipated.

  4. Risk Nature and Market Conditions: The volatile nature of the crypto market exposes it to unforeseeable elements that may significantly influence replicated trades.

  5. Self-Assumed Risk Decision: The discretion to employ the Copy Trading feature rests solely with you, and consequently, you bear full accountability for all associated risks.

  6. Understanding Your Finances: By engaging in Copy Trading, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks entailed, solely investing funds that you can afford to put at risk.

  7. Third-Party Risk: In the course of providing Copin Services, involvement with third parties may subject you to their individual terms and conditions. Copin explicitly disclaims any responsibility for losses incurred due to engagements with these third parties.

By persisting in the utilization of the Copy Trading service on, you explicitly acknowledge, comprehend, and agree to the terms and risks associated with potential price loss and slippage inherent in this feature. It is strongly advised that you exercise comprehensive comprehension of these terms before continuing to utilize our services.Please take note that revisions or updates to these terms may occur without prior notice. Your continued use of the service will be deemed as your acknowledgment and acceptance of these changes.

C. Contact Us in Case of Issues

If you encounter any issues or have inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at Our team is available to assist you and address any concerns you may have.

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