Open Interest

Open Interest feature visualizes live trading activity by displaying the size and direction of positions traders are taking in the market. GMX v1, Kwenta & Polynomial are now available.

Open interest is an indicator of the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, such as futures or options, that have not been settled.

The Open Interest offers a visual and analytical representation of market positions across a range of assets, providing insights through a real-time bubble chart:

  • The size of each bubble corresponds to the volume of open interest.

  • Bubbles are color-coded, with green representing long positions and red indicating short positions.

  • Users can customize the display to feature from Top 100 up to Top 500 traders, based on criteria such as Profit and Loss (PnL), recent activity (Latest), or Trade Volume.

This intuitive visualization aids users in assessing market sentiment, discerning trends, and comprehending the distribution of bullish versus bearish positions among top traders. Such insights are crucial in enhancing the decision-making process, enabling users to develop more informed and strategic trading approaches.

You can zoom in, zoom out, and click on the bubble to see position details.

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