FAQs about your API security

Frequently asked questions and things to know about your API from CEXs(@binane, @bybit,...) security on Copin!

1. Can Copin withdraw your assets via API?

  • No, we only require API access to your "derivatives" wallet. We are not permitted to access any of your other wallets, including but not limited to: Spot, P2P, Funding, etc.

  • Even CEX platforms do not allow withdrawing users' assets via API.

2. How does Copin store your API keys?

  • We store them following the OWASP security standards (similar to how user passwords are stored).

  • All critical information about users' API keys, such as secret keys or passphrases, is encrypted when stored in our database.

  • Therefore, even if our database is hacked, the hacker will not be able to access your API keys.

3. How can I make my API keys more secure?

  • Never share your API key and secret with anyone.

  • We recommend creating new and updating your API keys every 30 days.

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