Ambassador Program

Are you ready to earn some serious rewards while promoting Copin Analyzer? Join our programs and start earning today!

Welcome to the Ambassador Program!

On a mission to drive mass adoption of the perpetual DEX narrative, Copin leads the way as a pioneer, committed to enhancing the functionality and accessibility of perpetual DEX data for a diverse range of users. Along this journey, we're excited to invite individuals who share our vision and are interested in perpetual DEX, data analysis, trading, or copy trading to join us.

Now, you can directly contribute to accelerating the mass adoption of perpetual DEX by becoming a Copin Ambassador!

Who Can Join

— Anyone passionate about trading or perpetual DEX.

— You can come from any walk of life (writer, designer, developer, trader or crypto enthusiast).

— The perfect Copin ambassador embodies unique perspectives, a strong knowledge of Copin Analyzer, and a deep conviction for the world of on-chain trading.

What Will You Do

— Together with Copin, you will develop and execute new ways to spread the perp DEX narrative.

— Some ways you can contribute include content creation, social media, technical development, meme creation, blog writing, community management and more.

What Can You Earn

— Customize your own Referral Code (Example:

— Commission from the amount (mint NFT/copy trading volume) generated by each person you refer to Copin.

— Exclusive early access to special perks and giveaways.

— Rewards in Copin Subscription NFT which will be distributed monthly.

— Receive limited edition merch.

— Rewards are expected to increase as you level up your Ambassador rank.

Detail Structure & Rewards

LevelRequirementsBenefits & Rewards


  • Create content using data from

  • Mention or @Copin_io in your posts

  • Provide feedback to about the product

  • Customize your own Referral Code (i.e:

  • 1 Copin Subscription NFT which will be distributed monthly.

  • Direct mentions and shout outs on social media

  • Earn a 30% ETH rebase when your friends mint Copin Subscription NFT


  • Successfully passed Level 1

  • Create useful content to onboard new users and copiers (i.e. Twitter threads, articles, tutorials, videos, translations, memes, etc.)

  • Add your Copin referral to your Twitter/Discord/Telegram Bio

  • Total referred copiners* >= 10

  • All of the above benefits

  • Receive limited edition merch

  • Earn 10% Referral Commission by successfully referring more friends to Copin using hybrid copy trading with Copin's ref

  • Receive support for content creation and investment in hybrid copy trading using Copin

  • Direct access with the team for early user testing of new products


  • Successfully passed Level 2

  • Total referred copiners* >= 100

  • All of the above benefits

  • Priority Support

  • Exclusive events with the team

*Total referred copiners: the number of users who join with your referral link and mint an NFT Copin Subscription.

Reviews of requirements and benefits will be performed monthly by the team!

How Can You Join The Program

— Get started by reading through this short guide & our documents

— Join us on Telegram to get connected with the community and to stay updated

Start Your Application to become an Ambassador now:

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