Release notes

Copin - 0.6.1 (3/25/2024)

  • Trade safer with Skip Low Risk: Helps you avoid copying trades with unexpectedly low leverage.

  • Easy-to-track copy trading history with advanced filtering by wallet and status: Easily manage your past trades to gain valuable insights and stay in control of your portfolio.

  • Explore the new GMX V2 pair: Boost your trading profit with the exciting new OP pair.

  • Discover new GNS pairs: We've added new pairs to help you explore new opportunities, including STRK, DYM, NTRN, PYTH, SC, WIF, PIXEL, JTO, MAVIA, MYRO, and STG.

  • Added Alert BOT for GNS protocol traders: Stay updated on your favorite traders' latest trades with Alert BOT for GNS.

  • Bitget integration for copy trade: Connect your Bitget account to Copin for copy trade and get a 10% transaction fee rebate with code: 1qlg

Copin - 0.6.0 (3/25/2024) - Big updates
  • Indexed trader data from GainsNetwork on Arbitrum

  • Started supporting Bitget for hybrid copy-trading in internal testing Try now

Copin - 0.5.6 (2/23/2024)
  • Optimized display of position duration

  • Support expanding open positions to view more detailed information

  • Optimized position URLs to be viewable via transaction hash

  • Display additional 24-hour changes in open interest by markets

Copin - 0.5.5 (1/31/2024)
  • Implemented Stop Loss / Take Profit by percent feature.

  • Improved UX/UI for Open Interest by markets.

  • Modified "Force-close" BingX copy position to "Unlink" and added missing closed type.

  • Aligned backtest interface and parameters with copy trading.

  • Enhanced loading speed for positions in the token preference - trader profile section.

  • Implemented position details by transaction hash.

  • Introduced new integration: GMX V2.

Copin - 0.5.4 (1/18/2024)
  • Implemented copy trade, wallet, and position change logs.

  • New Feature: Open interest by markets for enhanced analysis.

  • Refreshed homepage look & feel.

  • Various UX & system optimizations.

Copin - 0.5.2 (1/04/2024)
  • New feature: Token preferences in trader profile

  • Take profit for copytrade implementation

  • Added closed type in copy position history

  • Improving table UIs of copy trades management, copy positions & activities

  • Improving Copin Subscription extending experience

  • And some system optimization

Copin - 0.5.1 (12/22/2023)
  • Supporting search trader by smart account & search position by tx hash

  • Remaking top opening: top open interest with bubble chart, sorting by newest, PnL, or volume

  • Simplify copy trade form

  • Copy trade stop-loss tracking improvement

  • New mechanism to sync position copy trade implementation

  • Limiting copy position by bingX wallet, trader, pair and position side

  • Supporting unlink telegram account action

  • Supporting grid view for trader stats

  • Sorting copy wallets by number of active copy trades as default

  • API performance improvement

Copin - 0.5.0 (11/30/2023) - Big Updates
  • Detailed percentile ranking with trader comparision

  • Mobile UX/UI responsive optimization

  • Now you can get alert from your copy trade orders & whatever traders you want, using Telegram Bot

  • We've worked sooo hard to bring the most accurate data for Kwenta

  • Polynomial data has appeared on Copin! Hope you will find some good traders on this protocol

  • In this version, we official launch the Premium Plan, you can upgrade from Basic Plan by mint NFT Subscription. All of below features only available for Premium user:

    • Customize fields in percentile ranking radar chart

    • Find similar traders

    • Traders all time statistics


Hope you enjoy this updates!

Copin - 0.4.2 (11/03/2023)
  • Changing copy trading experience: Create a wallet with an API key, avoid re-entering multiple times

  • New feature: Leaderboard

  • New feature: Activity logs. We will record all your copy trading actions. You can check it here:

  • Supporting more web3 wallets: Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Wallet Connect, ...

  • Some UX enhancements & technical optimizations

Copin - 0.4.1 (10/26/2023)
  • Making the position sharing link be more friendly

  • Improving SEO contents

  • In mobile, moving actions of trader profile to top

  • Fixing some issues related to Safari

  • Technical performance improvements

Copin - 0.4.0 (10/19/2023)
  • Adding percentile ranking filters in explorer

  • Now you can filter ranking chart by 7 / 15 / 30 / 60 days performance

  • Opening Copytrade on Kwenta. Let's find some g0d traders!!

  • Changing ROI to Avg ROI to avoid misunderstanding

  • Some technical & experience enhancements

Copin - 0.3.4 (10/09/2023)
  • Sharing position details with chart image

  • Optimizing copytrade management experience

  • Filtering copytrade history by traders

  • Improving position chart experience

  • Allows closing suspended orders in the Opening Positions section

  • Moving limit opening positions setting to Opening Positions section

  • Various Technical Enhancements

  • And, we're trying copytrade on Kwenta. All of you will experience it, soon!

Copin - 0.3.3 (09/29/2023)
  • Let's invite some friends using Copin! Referral feature has been release with promising benefits in the future. You can check your referral code here:

  • Tab experience enhancement

  • Position chart experience enhancement

  • Copytrade performance optimization

  • Some fixes

Copin - 0.3.2 (09/13/2023)
  • Now you can set max volume multiplier for each copytrade. (Eg: initial volume is $100, max volume multiplier = 3 => max volume is $300)

  • Added new config for account: max opening positions per API Key

  • Skip new interest having leverage lower than copytrade settings

  • Added basic / premium account badge

  • Fixed some bugs

Copin - 0.3.1 (09/05/2023)
  • Trader profile sharing with PnL image

  • Now you can easily share multi/single backtest results by sending links

  • Enhancement price display for Meme tokens

  • Added profit chart for copier's positions

  • Added min/max/avg leverage in trader statistics

  • Showed amount of loaded positions in trader history

  • Fixed UI bugs of favorite & "copy won't work" in Safari

  • Fixed bug missing statistics in favorite tab when changed chain

  • And some optimizations

Copin - 0.3.0 (08/23/2023) - Big Updates
  • Trader statistics enhancements:

    • You may now choose which fields to display.

    • Additionally, you can position your most crucial fields at the top of the table.

  • Adding filter suggestions for newbies, quickly filtering by sets of recommended criteria. Moreover, you can find out the definition of trader statistics by hovering over them.

  • Enabling copying when a user hovers over a trader's address.

  • Supporting cloning the previous copytrade settings in copytrade form.

  • Re-layout copytrade and backtest. This new layout will make it easy for you to enter settings and understand their effects.

  • Single backtest now supports opening multiple tabs for strategy comparison.

  • Adding "Max volume multiplier" to backtest form & backtest results. This is our first experiment to reduce risk for risky traders.

  • Enhancing backtest results with copy volume recommendations and trading fund tier rankings.

  • In multiple backtesting, you can add more traders by entering their addresses, and filter the backtest results by the statistics you want

  • And for those of you who don't understand what a backtest is, we have a tour guide to help you out.

  • Now favorites can take notes, helping you to remember why you added a trader to your favorites list.

  • Making trader history expandable to see more information.

  • Moving trader heatmap activity to trader history section.

  • Some of my profile v2 enhancements & bug fixes.

Copin - 0.2.1 (08/14/2023)
  • New My Profile, a powerful interface for managing your copy trades

  • Now you can copy address when hovering trader's address in Trader Explorer

  • New score radar chart in Trader Profile, showing trader's trading style

  • Positions chart zooms to the last trade if having

  • Showed available margin balance on BingX (For Copier)

  • And some improvements

Copin v0.1.0 (08/08/2023) 🍾 - Private Beta version release Meet Copin Analyzer - The leading tool to analyze and copy on-chain traders. Follow the trades of the best on-chain traders and start making profit in trading. To get started analyzing & copying, visit

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