Referral Program

Referral program v1.0 - Updated: 26 Sep, 2023


  • The Referral feature is highly anticipated by the Copin community. It stands as Copin's catalyst for expansion, fostering the development of a robust community and promoting collaborative support among users. Copin maintains a user-centric approach in feature development, consistently seeking feedback for ongoing enhancement.

  • Join as a Copin ambassador, cultivate your Copin network, and progress alongside us. As Copin positions itself as a trailblazer in decentralized copy-trading within the web3 sphere, your current efforts will yield future dividends.

  • Simple setup, detailed management, transparent data, and competitive rewards are the principles that Copin will research and build for the Referral feature.


  • Each user has a unique invitation code which can not be changed at this time.

  • Users can not update or change who invited them.

  • Currently, Copin does not collect user fees, so there is no reward mechanism.

If you already have a community and want to cooperate with Copin as a strategic partner, do not hesitate to chat directly with the Founder of Copin

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